Our Quality Meats

Kilcoy Quality Meats is a proudly Australian owned and managed family business.  We pride ourselves on only selling products that we would feed to our own family. Hence, we only sell grass-fed beef with no antibiotics, or hormones.

Grass-fed beef is better for the cattle, and it’s better for our customer’s health and well-being.
The main benefits of grass fed beef over grain fed beef:

  • Higher levels of vitamins A, E and antioxidants
  • Full of nutrients
  • Significantly lower levels of saturated fats and trans fats 
  • Much higher ratio of healthy Omegas so you can enjoy the fat without the guilt and risk of chronic disease
  • Significantly lower risk of salmonella than grain fed beef
  • Higher levels of anti cancer fats and properties

We also know that hormones and antibiotics can affect our body’s delicate balance, which is why our beef is also free of antibiotics, hormones and all the nasties that we all want to avoid.


All Free Range

Our chickens are all free range from the foothills of the Glasshouse mountains in Sunshine Coast. Because they roam free on acres of lush green pastures and due to their specialised feed, we ensure that our chickens are as natural and healthy as possible.

Working with Elgin Valley Free Range, we guarantee tasty, ethically produced chicken, free from hormones that you can feel good about feeding to your family.


Only the Finest

We source only the finest quality grass-fed lambs from Lamb Of Tasmania, who only select the best meat, from the best grass-fed lambs, produced by the best farmers.
The lambs are born and raised on the rich fertile pastures of Tasmania in the perfect climate. The product excellence and dedication to quality of our lambs has been recognised with numerous awards, including the best food product in Australia at the RASV Australia Food Awards.


Proud History

Kilcoy Quality Meats are the proud custodians of Kilcoy’s historic butcher shop.  Though the names and owners have changed over the past century, we are proud to carry on the legacy of servicing Kilcoy and its wider surroundings.

We have always been known (and still are) for our high quality and consistent product range, entailing meat products to suit many dietary requirements.

We source our beef, pork and chicken locally, with our lambs coming from Tasmania. We also specialise in private bodies, sides of beef, lamb and pork as well as whole cuts of meat.

And to top it off, we are Australian owned and managed and proudly support Australian farmers and businesses.


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